To achieve the vision of Thamar University and embody its mission, it adheres to the following core values:

Excellence in everything that the university does and that it should be at the highest quality and professional levels to reach leadership.


Creating an environment of trust and cooperation based on teamwork and an effective team spirit, and creating an institutional culture at the university that supports this.

Teamwork spirit:

Commitment to professional ethics, efficiency in performance, giving, discipline, self-development and continuous learning.

Professionalism and competence:

Dealing clearly in all works and with all beneficiaries, according to a clear mechanism for evaluation and accountability.

Transparency and accountability:

It provides a supportive and stimulating atmosphere that helps to think creatively, embrace and encourage development initiatives.

Creativity and innovation:

Continuous development of institutional capacities, management practices, educational and research processes.

Continuous improvement:

Emphasize positive community partnership and national and international cooperation relations, and respond to the needs of beneficiaries.


Pride in belonging to the University, commitment to its regulations and sincerity in working to achieve its goals and enhance its academic standing.

Corporate loyalty: