Thamar University celebrates in the occasion of graduating of 1,731 male and female


Dhamar - Sheba:

Thamar University organized a mass graduation ceremony for 1,731 male and female graduates from 13 colleges, institutes and centers for the academic year 2020-2021.

In the ceremony that was held in Dhamar Sport Stadium, the minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Sheikh/ Hussein Hazeb, conveyed to the University leadership and to the graduates the congratulations of the President of the Supreme Political Council on this graduation. He focussed on the ministry's efforts to develop the educational process in accordance with academic accreditation standards and to implement a strategy in this regard.

In his speech,    the minister talked about the crimes of the Coalition and its systematic attacks that targeting civilians and civic objects and all necessities of life, as the last of which was  targeting of the reserve prison in Saada governorate and the communication building in Hodeidah that has led to the  disconnection of the internet service totally in all Yemeni governorates.

 Minister Hazeb stressed that the aggression will not succeed in achieving its dirty plans, no matter how intrusive it is in its crimes, and that the Yemeni people will continue their educational attainment and the battle to defend the homeland until victory is achieved. For his part, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ali Sharaf El-Din, considered the mass  ceremony a qualitative leap for Dhamar University, despite the conditions of aggression and siege. He expressed the hope that the graduates would have an active role in the field of work and production.

In turn, the university  rector, Dr. Talib Al-Nahari, said that this ceremony is the first at the level of all Yemeni universities, indicating that the graduates represent 43 scientific departments. He added that the university had adopted a project to automate student affairs and self-resources, which contributed to facilitating financial and administrative of the university.

 He stated that the university was able to achieve a number of objectives, including the opening of qualitative colleges and  departments that serve development goals, the prescription of primary and higher academic programs in accordance with academic accreditation standards, the establishment of practical conferences, workshops and seminars, and issuing of scientific journals, and the development of academic work, as well as reforms in the academic, administrative and financial aspects. The university rector  thanked the president of the Supreme Political Council for sponsoring the ceremony.

 While the graduates' speech, delivered by the student, Muhammad Al-Barawi, expressed his deepest thanks to the efforts of the university's leadership and teaching staff during the years of study.

Many  members  of the National Reconciliation attended the graduation ceremony like  Muhammad Al-Maqdashi, members of the Shura Council, Hassan Abd al-Razzaq, Abdu al-Alawi, Hilal Al-Ra`i, governorate representatives Abbas Al-Amdi, Muhammad Abd Al-Razzaq, Mahmoud Al-Jubeen, the governorate’s security director, Brigadier Ahmbed Al-Sharafi,  and some universities rectors like of rector of  Saada university Dr. Abdurahman Humran,  and the rector of Jableh University, Dr.  Abfullah Al-Matari, Rector of Hajjah University Dr. Mohammed Khalid, pro- Rector of Jableh University Dr. Sanya Al-Qarmati, and a number of the local authority and executive offices.