University President

University President


Thamar University is a modern governmental educational institution, established in 1996 AD, to provide scientific, research and community services at the local, regional and international levels.


Since more than twenty years of giving, progress and excellence, the university has been able to become a beacon of science and a resource for knowledge, with qualitative leaps and successive achievements in terms of establishing colleges and the number of professors. educational programs; Postgraduate studies and scientific research, and linking the university to society and the labor market.


In terms of establishing faculties, Thamar University began its scientific career with four faculties: “Thamar College of Education, Rada’a College of Education, College of Arts and Languages, and College of Applied Sciences.” Today, it includes ten scientific and humanities faculties. In addition to the previous faculties, the university opened faculties: Human Medicine, Dentistry, engineering, computers and information systems, agriculture, veterinary medicine, administrative sciences, and the Institute of Continuing Education.


Thamar University has become a destination for students from different corners of the country and abroad - before the aggression and the siege on our people - due to its good reputation, distinguished educational services, and solid scientific curricula, which give the student knowledge and skills that meet the needs of the labor market in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation. Hence, its graduates were distinguished by their high scientific skills and extensive knowledge experiences, which enabled them to excel in the various fields and positions they occupy inside and outside the country.


Despite the complex exceptional circumstances produced by the brutal aggression against our beloved homeland since March 2015, and in light of the scarcity of resources and the interruption of salaries, the university, with the cooperation of its loyal children from academics and administrators, was able to maintain its prestigious scientific position and achieve new scientific achievements, the most important of which is the description and updating of its educational programs In the departments of its various faculties, according to the standards of academic accreditation in line with the developments of the times and the requirements of development, and the opening of the Mechatronics Department in the Faculty of Engineering, and it seeks to open new departments in some faculties, not to mention the automation of work systems at the university by completing the first phase “the financial system and the student affairs system.” From the electronic ERP system, in addition to the university website you are browsing in your hands.


In addition, the university worked to overcome challenges and break the siege imposed on our beloved country. It hosted international scientific conferences, in which elite scholars from different Arab and foreign countries participated. It held scientific days for each college, and added new publications to its publications. The university still aspires to achieve more progress and excellence in a way that contributes to raising the quality of education, developing scientific research, and achieving the university’s mission in preparing and qualifying generations and providing them with cognitive skills that qualify them for the advancement of the country, keeping pace with the times and the requirements of access to the future, and actively contributing to the civilizational achievement. and humane.


Thanks to God Almighty first and foremost for the blessing of success and grant of success, and thanks and gratitude to all the loyal soldiers on the educational front in our pioneering enlightenment institution, who spared no effort in preserving the university’s position and working to raise it and its distinction despite all circumstances and challenges, and our sincere prayers for our beloved Yemen, his leadership and his people with victory and empowerment And progress and advancement in the fields of security, safety, tranquility and reassurance.


Prof. Talib Taher Al-Nahari

University's president