About The University

About The University

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Excellence in providing scientific, research and community services at the local, regional and international levels.


To provide distinguished educational and research services that contribute to community service and meet the requirements of the labor market.


1- Honesty and sincerity at work. 2- Integrity and transparency. 3- Take responsibility. 4- Working with one team spirit. 5- Quality and creativity.

1. Provide distinct educational service that gains knowledge and skills of meetings of the labor market according to quality standards and academic adoption. 2. Encourage scientific research that effectively contribute to the problem of society. 3. Strengthening the partnership with various universities and institutions. 4. Developing regulatory frameworks and the internal regulations of the university to strengthen its financial and administrative regulations. 5 - Developing and establishing academic programs and the infrastructure of the university and its facilities in the light of the academic accreditation standards.