The Center for Counseling and Psychological Care at Thamar University holds a seminar on the ccasion of the World Mental Health Day


The Center for Counseling and Psychological Care at Thamar University holds a seminar on the ccasion of the World Mental Health Day

□Thamar University Media / Jamal Al-Bahri / October 11, 2023

■ Under the slogan (Making Mental Health and Enjoyment a Global Priority for all), the Center for Counseling and Psychological Care at Thamar University held today a scientific symposium on the occasion of World Mental Health Day in the framework of spreading Mental Health awareness.

At the seminar, the Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Haifi, in a speech entitled (psychological Engineering), stressed that a person acquires beliefs, values, and standards from his family environment, and those inputs are what shape his perception of the world regardless of what is happening in the outside world, and that the world will change for him if what he has in mind changes.

He added that the countries of the Industrialized World are interested in Psychological Engineering Centers and Institutions with the aim of designing behavior, thinking, feeling, as well as designing goals for an individual, family or institution, and designing the path leading to these goals in order to change mental feelings.

He stated that in the field of Education
Psychological Engineering offers a range of ways and methods to increase the speed of teaching and recall, master the spelling of words for children, thrill students to study, raise the performance level of teachers, increase the effectiveness of means of illustration, develop the ability to innovate, sharpen the ability to think and improve behavior, leave harmful habits, gain good habits, Mental and p
Physical Health p
Psychological Engineering methods are used.

The Rector of the University pointed out that in the field of Trade and Business, Large International Companies have begun to adopt Psychological Engineering, in terms of gentle skills related to human performance in dealing with others, setting goals, strategic planning, and other Psychological Engineering tasks that provide us with tools and skills to identify the human personality, way of thinking and other factors.

Prof. Al-Haifi concluded by saying that Psychological Engineering is a science based on experience and choice and leads to tangible tangible results, and the issue of success and excellence is seen as a process that can be made and not the result of luck or chance, because one of the rules of Psychological Engineering says that there is no luck, but it is a result and there is no coincidence, but there are reasons and causes with the presence of divine reconciliations in the case of distancing oneself from vices and introducing it into the field of community service.

At the seminar, the Head of the Center for Psychological Care and Counseling, Prof. Dr. Abdulkarim Zabibah stated that Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Haifi, the First President of Thamar University includes the Center for Psychological Counseling and Care at the University with this level of attention, care and hospitality, explaining that Public Health is complete only with Mental Health, as the Psychologically correct person is the creative productive and useful person to society, and that the concept of Mental Health, and the definition of a psychologically correct person is people who are depressed or frustrated for a temporary reason may accomplish their tasks, but that achievement will not be creative and will be devoid of the spirit of creativity and may not be able to accomplish their tasks as he has done before in normal circumstances.

He added that we seek to extract happiness from everyone, because it is capable of creating creativity, as the Counseling and Psychological Care Center, which was founded in 2009, and is still struggling today with the efforts of its staff, and psychology graduates at the University who have been working at the Center for years voluntarily and without any remuneration.

He pointed out that the Center undertakes to carry out the most important functions of the University which is to serve the community in the Psychological Aspect, free of charge at the level of Thamar City, the Governorate, and Neighboring Governorates, especially benefiting the University Students and Colleges, and from this the Faculty of Medicine received a point and a strength that was important and influential, namely that the University has a Psychological Counseling and Care Center that provides services to University employees, free of charge.

Dr. Zabibah concluded that the center tracks the needs of the community by specialization, and it has recently been noted the increase in the number of cases with autism disorder among children, so the center accelerated the efforts of Specialist Dr. Abdu Al-Hemairi to open a special department to combat autism disorder in children, also free of charge, we also did not stop there rather we conduct free training courses for graduates of Thamar University specialists, as well as specialized doctors in some specialized centers in Psychiatry in the Capital to increase their skills and expose them to field of experiments to take care of community members and take care of them, and this is a practical addition an important field that raises their academic skills that they acquired on University Study Benches.

A number of working papers were also presented at the symposium, which contributed to enriching them with important ideas on the topic of Mental Health, Prof, Dr. Abdu Al-Hemairi presented a working paper on autism spectrum disorder, and Dr. Fouad Zayed presented a working paper on the competencies of psychological work, and Dr. Entisar Kirman discussed the importance of Mental Health and volunteering, and Dr. Ahmed Muthanna presented a working paper on Mental Health as a right for all. These papers contributed to enriching the seminar and providing attendees with valuable information and an opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas and experiences in the field of Mental Health.

In turn, the Representative of Alsa'ada Hospital for Mental Health in Dhamar Mahmoud Mujali confirmed the reflection of the effects of the aggressive war on the psychological situation of the citizen, as well as what resulted from the interruption of salaries and the cost of living for more than eight years, caused an increase in psychological pressures, disorders to frightening degrees and is still continuing and rising as from the reality of a recent study,  60% of people suffer from psychological stress and 20% of depression, and during the year 2022, about ( 12500) cases in Health Facilities in Dhamar and other cases were send to Amanat Alasimah and other Governorates

He concluded by saying that he is looking forward to further cooperation in the future with the Center for Counseling and Psychological Care at Thamar University and all entities working in the field of Health in the Governorate.

The Seminar was attended by Prof. Dr. Amal Al-Mujahid, the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Dr. Mohammed Hutram, the General Secretary of the University, Mr. Ebrahim Al-Mutawakel, the General Director of Alzakah Office in the Governorate, Mr. Abdulkarim Al-Bukhaiti, number of Academics, Experts, Specialists in the field of Mental Health, a number of General Directors, and General Secartaries of Colleges at the University.