The birth of the cente

To achieve one of the university’s goals in community service, and within the framework of developing academic work and advancement
On university work and psychological service for members of society, the President of Dhamar University issued Decision No. (294) on
12/14/2009 AD by establishing the Counseling and Psychological Care Center at Dhamar University to be a center specialized in providing
Psychological care for members of the community, and the provision of psychological and human services to the individual within the framework of my preventive services,
And therapeutic, and integrated developmental. Hence the importance of establishing the center as an urgent necessity and psychological service
necessary social, and work was started in the center on 15/2/2010 AD, and the experience of services was distorted
psychological reality, and despite the shortcomings in the material and human capabilities of the center, it was able to
The center, with the efforts of those who love and loyal to the humanitarian and psychological work, continued its giving and opened its doors to
Pioneers and people with special needs and provide psychological services to all members of the local community without discrimination


vision and mission

Specialized psychological care.
It sought to provide psychological, advisory, counseling, therapeutic, research, creative, and cultural services with high specialized scientific competence, with the aim of achieving mental health and quality of life for the employees of Dhamar University and the people of Dhamar Governorate in particular, and the Yemeni society in general