Department of Counseling and Psychotherapy


Among the objectives of the Counseling and Psychotherapy Department are the following:
1. Assessment and diagnosis of mental and behavioral disorders
2. Apply the techniques of psychotherapeutic interventions derived from analytical, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic treatment programs...etc.
3. Providing advice and guidance to members of the community.
4. Providing psychological care services for psychiatric patients within the community.
5. Helping students in particular, and members of society in general, in personal and social psychological adjustment.
6. Addressing socially and morally unacceptable behaviors of students in particular and members of society in general
. 7. Preparing guidance programs for students who need to modify their behavior for the better.
8. Raising people's information about mental illness and correcting the negative stigma and misconceptions of members of the local community about psychological treatment.
9. Providing psychological care as part of rehabilitation for every person suffering from any chronic organic disease, delinquents, drug users.....etc.
10. Conducting a psychological evaluation within the comprehensive medical examination of some institutions in which work requires great intellectual effort, and to determine the safety factors for the individual and society.
11. Raising the level of community awareness of the importance of mental health and highlighting the role of the psychologist and clarifying its importance