Language Learning: A Book of Readings For ESL/EFL Teachers Researchers and Students


Dr. Taha Ahmed Al-Fotih’s


Interference of the first language is considered one of the possible sources of errors and published also many articles in national and international journals in the target language. The error the learner makes will relate closely to his information of an "interlanguage" which s/he uses as s/he progresses in the language learning. They probably arise as a sequence of the linguistic information with which the learner is presented by the textbook or by the instructor who probably misprounces an English word or makes grammatical errors. Some textbooks introduce the present continuous tense at a very early stage. This may happen because it appears to be the easiest tense to present in the classroom and one of the productive tenses in so far when it can be applied to teach more language items. The presentation in which the linguistic items are presented and the exercises on them probably bring about confusion and/or overgeneralizations. To prove this is difficult. However regarding researches describing language learning and the order of introducing language items in textbooks, the description at least is reasonable. The target language errors actually are to be a sequence of something which happens in the classroom where the learner contacts with the foreign language.



October 14, 2021 — Updated on October 23, 2021


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