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 Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad, his family and all his companions

Since its establishment on August 24, 1996, Thamar University has been working to raise the scientific, cultural and intellectual level of the people of Yemen in general and the people of Thamar Governorate in particular. It has contributed to the graduation of qualified cadres in all scientific and humanitarian disciplines.
The basic mission of the university, represented by its faculty and staff, is to provide distinguished university education, encourage scientific research and serve the community, and what the university is currently witnessing in the field of graduate programs reflects the efforts made to achieve this.
The leadership of Thamar University has given most of its attention to open postgraduate programs in the scientific and humanitarian disciplines, after completing the legal conditions for opening them and describing the programs in a way that contributes to providing distinguished university education, encouraging and developing scientific research, and working on community service. 

Vision ,Mession and Goal


Organizational Structure

الهيكل التنظيمي

Former Vice Deputies for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

1- Prof. Dr./ Abdel Hamid Al-Younes, Dean of Graduate Studies
2- Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdo Saleh, Vice President of the University
3- Prof. Dr. Salem Muhammad Aqeel, Vice President of the University
4- Prof. Dr. / Abdel Karim Ismail Zbiba, the current deputy

Location of the place