Department of Physical

The department was established in 1998 by the School of Applied Sciences and includes one division, the Division of General Physics, during this period and until today the department of physics was the tender that is not depleted by knowledge in all physics sciences and which graduates generations serving the state and society Many of them have gained opportunities to study abroad and won job opportunities in the best countries, while the distinguished sons of the department have returned from the best universities after being qualified to the required level carrying the torch of knowledge and experience of the years they have studied in order to benefit their student children and transfer their theoretical and practical experience in various disciplines. For our dear students our department enjoys the spirit of team and complete harmony between its members, which will reflect positively on their educational achievement in various physics sciences and the department seeks to develop guaranteed academic decisions and add new decisions if necessary in line with the academic decisions in the best universities in the world and the characterization of programs every period in order to renew knowledge to keep up with the advanced countries in terms of education 
Where the department was able to open the master's program physics during the year 2017-2018 in order to qualify our students graduates in the past years and raise the educational level to serve the labor market
 We wish God success so that the physics department becomes the icon of knowledge in the whole region and be a center of education and research hopefully