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Speech by the Head of the Department of the Surgery

The Department of Surgery is one of the largest and most important academic and service department in the hospital and due to its importance, there must be such department in every hospital. 
 The Department of General Surgery was opened at the Al-Wahada University Hospital in the dawn of 2003, with a small number of faculty members, limited clinical capacity, and modest capacity barely meets the requirements of conducting small and medium operations. By the passage of time, the surgical department took urgent steps, and the number of physicians and specialists have become 100% Yemeni, and the clinical capacity get doubled expanded. The local staff showed high proficiency that sometimes outweigh the imported expertise.  They work hard and do their job perfectly. Though the staff suffers due to the problem that the whole country has undergone, they keep working and developing the department with their creative scientific productions. They show enough enthusiasm to serve  the country and provide a distinguished medical services to all the patients and the community people.    
 As head of the Department of General Surgery, I feel proud to be one of this team standing in the surgical department among my friends respecting the department message and performing our duties tirelessly with a meaningful sense of responsibility and love for our homeland. 
        Prof. Saeed Hadi Al-Bahlouli
          Head of the Department of Surgery