All over Yemeni Universities Levels, Thamar University has achieved the second rank accrding to the evaluation of AD Scientific Index

■The results of the AD Scientific Index evaluation had shown that Thamar University has become in the second rank in the classification of The Universities according to scientific research.

Twenty-one of Yemeni universities have been evaluated by the AD Scientific Index, which depends on  the data of Research Cadres for each university which was based on Google Scholar and the number of quotations.

The tables of evaluation also showed the number of those researchers who fulfilled the requirements in each University.

In addition, Public Universities were at the top of the list due to the plenty of  Academic Cadres.

Thamar University is in the second rank with 26 researchers, after Sanaa University with 41 researchers, and Taiz University, with 25 researchers, in thr third rank.


Translation: Yasmin Al-Wasabi